Keep it private. Keep it secure. Keep it green.

Introducing SolidFish. An innovative way of sharing viewable media on the internet while safeguarding your privacy, protecting you from website spoofing, and minimizing your digital footprint.

Share data safely and quickly and get rid of it once it has served its purpose. With the self-destructing data feature, we hope to curtail needless data and curb the ever-increasing, resource-heavy data storage requirements.


Everyday data-sharing with privacy and responsibility

Desktop | laptop | tablet | mobile | VR
SolidFish is a free program that is super simple to use. No need to register or enter your information and you can access it from all desktop and mobile devices.
Your data is protected with password encryption and only password-holders can decrypt it. We don’t collect personal information so you don’t have to worry about spam.
  • In a world where digital information is constantly multiplying, there is a growing concern about the impact this has on our environment. But what if we could revolutionize the way we share data and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time? That's exactly what SolidFish aims to do with its self-destructing data sharing platform. Our self-destructive data feature allows for a minimal digital footprint, through recycling data storage and reducing the need for more resource-consuming data centers.

Share your essential data with anyone, anywhere without compromising your privacy or the safety of our planet.

How it works

Solidcode is a unique 9-digit number that works as your key to your data and can be shared with anyone easily on any platform.

No registration. No Spam. No falling for website Spoofing.


Data self-destruct
The self-destructing feature, hard-coded into the platform, makes our data storage 100% recyclable thereby curtailing the ever-growing need for data storage centers.
Diverse Media support
You can share a variety of file formats like documents (TXT, PDF, DOCX) images (PNG, JPG) messages (TXT) weblinks (URL) securely, with password-protected solid codes
Shielded sharing
Quickly generate and share solidcodes directly from our platform as an SMS or Email, limiting your exposure to spam and online marketing.
SolidFish Blogs
We have a lot to say about data sharing and the environment, so why not join our blog? We'll keep you updated on all the latest news, features, tips and tricks to help make data sharing smarter, faster and greener.
A data tagging system that makes your encrypted data accessible from any platform for a pre-decided period without the need for registration or logging in. Save the code in your memory or write it on paper or share it with someone quickly over the phone. Solidcode is the key to unlocking your data and can be password-protected. It also eliminates the risk of website spoofing.
Solidfish API
Embed and integrate into your existing platforms, or third-party websites and software to enhance the utility and minimize your digital footprint (Coming soon).

About Us

In 2019, a simple problem sparked a brilliant idea. Someone needed to share a picture of a broken boiler with a technician over the phone but didn’t want to reveal their email address or WhatsApp number. There had to be a better way—one that protected privacy while efficiently sharing necessary information. This need for an anonymous, secure way to share fleeting bits of data led to the creation of SolidFish. The vision was clear: offer a platform where users could share images and documents without compromising their personal information. And, to ensure sustainability, the shared data would be automatically deleted, freeing up valuable space in distant data centers.By July 2020, this idea had grown into a reality, and SolidFish was officially incorporated. From that moment on, SolidFish began its journey toward revolutionizing media sharing, making it simpler, more secure, and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spearhead a green internet revolution, with SolidFish as the primary tool in our arsenal. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the immense resources and energy consumed by colossal data storage sites, which significantly impact the environment and contribute to our carbon footprint. Through SolidFish, we aim to promote sustainable data sharing practices and mitigate these environmental effects.


SolidFish is here to revolutionize digital data sharing by combining safety, efficiency, and affordability. We ensure your data remains secure with our encrypted storage systems while also reducing your environmental footprint. Sharing all types of data is important, but so is eliminating trivial media once it has served its purpose. That's why we offer self-destructive data features, enabling you to recycle storage and further reduce your carbon footprint. By doing this, we aim to minimize the growing need for data storage worldwide, ensuring individuals enjoy both privacy and security on the web.

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