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The Metaverse, a possible future for our Society

July 11th 2023

How the future of our society will be shaped and transformed by a vitual place you can't smell, taste or touch. A place for our minds.

Sustainability in the digital world

February 10th 2021

A look at sustainability in the digital world and how individuals could reduce their digital footprint

The world is hot for online video calls

November 28th 2020

We need to find a cleaner and secure way to propagate our video links on the internet.

A digital plantation

October 20th 2020

As we continue to generate more data than ever before, how can we stop the data centres that house this information from destroying the planet?

The camel that broke the Internet's back

July 15th 2020

A closer look at the impact of the ever expanding data-centres.

Get your head out of the clouds!

June 11th 2020

A question we occasionally ask ourselves, where does my digital data live?