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A school of Blobfish

May 31, 2020 by L. Patrick

What is Blobfish data?

We describe Blobfish Data as data of temporary significance. And by recycling the data-storage space required to manage BlobFish data, we aim to flatten the curve of the data storage growth associated with it.

Why controlling Blobfish data is important?

There are billions of active internet users creating quintillions bytes of data every day. Together with all technological advances, and our addiction to content consumption, the pace of digital data multiplication is accelerating every day. But if we were to change our daily habits and stop hoarding information that does not need to be kept or no longer in use, we would be able to save a tremendous amount of storage space required by data centres to maintain this data. Doing this would conserve a significant amount of natural resources (power, water and land), help reducing CO2 emission and have a positive impact on the environment.

How can we identify this type of data?


It does not necessarily mean that this type of data is altogether worthless but rather it is of fleeting value.


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  • ROT-data
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