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Phantom Credits: The ugly side of carbon credits

August 27th 2023

Carbon neutrality means having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. But is it benefical for our environment…

Global Pollution: How offshoring manufacturing impacts global CO2 emissions

August 26th 2023

Offshoring manufacturing hides the true consequences of over production from the consumers that use them. How do we keep people responible and…

The Metaverse, a possible future for our Society

July 11th 2023

How the future of our society will be shaped and transformed by a vitual place you can't smell, taste or touch. A place for our minds.

A case for digital minimalism

January 30th 2021

Why digital minimalism is the online lifestyle you need to embrace now to save the environment

The world is hot for online video calls

November 28th 2020

We need to find a cleaner and secure way to propagate our video links on the internet.

To click or not to click

November 3rd 2020

A look at weblinks and how they can be spoofed and most importantly how we can secure our browsing experience on the internet.