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Sustainability in the digital world

A look at sustainability in the digital world and how individuals could reduce their digital footprint

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April 4, 2020 by Admin

SolidFish. It all started in the middle of the winter of 2019 with a broken boiler, and our resolution to share data responsibly while we searched for the best quotes.
We asked a simple question! Is it possible for one to conveniently share trivial data online without having to give up one's personal information in the process? Could one share a simple code with some third party on the other end of the telephone that would give them access to one's shared data with a time to live? (People tend to forget about deleting data from the internet these days). And this shared data could be a document or a picture of a broken boiler?
Our answer was SolidFish!

SolidFish is free to use, and no registration is required. But please do not upload anything illegal.

We designed SolidFish to be completely anonymous and private. We upload data as encrypted blobs of bytes and obliterate it once it's 'time to live' has expired. We do not track your usage or share your data. Retaining your data longer than necessary stands against the idea of a greener internet.

With our TLS1.2+, SHA256 encryption, we can guarantee the security of all our pages and file transfers (download and upload).
But remember SolidFish is currently in BETA version and is constantly evolving because we aim to improve it with new features. So please feel free to contact us with new ideas via our contact page.


A quick introduction to SolidFish, a new self-destructing data sharing platform.

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